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Past Concert

A Concert for Spring


March 17, 2018 (Sat)

Zaiya Takahashi(Piano) 

Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City Toyoshina Museum of Modern Art

Opening at 1:30 pm and Concert start at 2 p.m.



Sculptor Hiroatsu Takata has made a lot of people's "face".


People who have made friendship like a lamp with Takata: Roman Rolland, Rouault, Kohtaro Takamura and Motokichi Takahashi.

People whose work gave impression to Takata without actually meeting them: Kitaro Nishida and Kenji Miyazawa.

And, as a series of female statues, figures that were purified in Takata.


I will try to turn the impression received from the face and appearance of Takata's sculptures, the impression of the poetry and works of Takata's friends in mind into several piano pieces.


I look forward to playing them in a wind of early spring.



1. forest 2.  far from the sky 3. Stone of Memory(Denkstein)

4. Winter Night  5. fig leaves  6. Morning of the farewell

7. Renaissance 8. Romain Rolland Diary 1931

9. Beautiful RIver

Encore. Light of Heart


Lamp of Thinking 

Memorial concert 30 years after passing of Hiroatsu Takata(1900-87, sculptor)


17 JUNE 2017  

Junko Tsumanuma (Voices, Narratives), Kanae Imura (Cello),

Kenji Watanabe (Violin), Mai Ishihara (Paintings) 

& Zaiya Takahashi (Piano) 

Matsuyama Civic Activity Center Hall


set list:

 "Fantasy by Reading, Strings and Piano: from works of poets and artists who related with Takata and Takata himself"

   Mahoroba(Zaiya Takahashi)

   Far from the sky(inspired by Motokichi Takahashi's poetry work)

   Visionary Sea (ibid.)

   Man when he left this world... (inspired by Kitaro Nishida)

   To Kohtaro Takamura (inspired by Hiroatsu Takata)

   Diary of Romain Rolland (Zaiya Takahashi)

   Light of heart (Zaiya Takahashi)


Mai Ishihara©︎(2017)  http://maimai-ishi.com
Mai Ishihara©︎(2017) http://maimai-ishi.com

Mai Ishihara: Mahoroba (2017)


The concept of concert "Lamp of Thinking"

A spiritual lamp in which a sculptor thinks

lights the spirits of people he admired.


I asked Ms. Mai Ishihara, Japanese traditional painting artist, to create a work and she kindly made new and wonderful painting work for this concept.


She says, "Mahoroba" is an ancient Japanese word which means "very good place".


Website of Mai Ishihara:




Light of Heart (KOKORONOHI)


5 MARCH 2016

Zaiya Takahashi (piano) 

Maebashi City Museum of Literature Hall


set list:

R.M.Rilke, Denkstein(Stone of Memory) in The Sonnets to Orpheus.

Kitaro Nishida, Man when he left this world... in Contemplation and Experience.

Ryoichi Wago, Pebble of Poetry.

Kenji Miyazawa, Morning of Farewell in Spring and Shura.

Motokichi Takahashi, Glacier of Destiny, in Bosom of Grass.

Zaiya Takahashi, Twenty-four Journeys.


Flowers of Tone (OTO NO AYA) Special 2



Zaiya Takahashi (piano)

Maebashi City Museum of Literature Hall


set list:

Chuya Nakahara, Sorrow That Was Stained, Home Coming in Song of Goat

__Fig Leaves, The Stream Gleams Bluely, Morning, Unpublished poems

Motokichi Takahashi, Autumn, Visionary Sea in Distant Sight

__Beautiful River in Lost in Sight

__Faraway Sky in Bosom of Grass

Sinkichi Ito, Journey in Joshu

Mai Ishihara©︎ "Passing the Time".  http://maimai-ishi.com
Mai Ishihara©︎ "Passing the Time". http://maimai-ishi.com

Words and Strings (KOTOBA TO GEN)


11 JULY 2015 

Junko Tsumanuma (Voices, Narratives), Kanae Ban (Cello)

Mai Ishihara (Art Work) and Zaiya Takahashi (Piano)

Maebashi City Museum of Literature Hall


set list:

Kenji Miyazawa, Night on the Milky Way Train

Hiroatsu Takata, Rouault

Motokichi Takahashi, Filled with Rainbow in Bosom of Grass, etc.

Zaiya Takahashi, Temple of Time

Sinkichi Ito, journey in Joshu


"Words and Strings" website