Upcoming Concerts

Piano Concert "Mini Flowers of Tone(Oto no Aya)" with Sakumi Hagiwara

For the first time in seven years, we will be able to hold a mini piano concert in Maebashi.

This event is part of the 40th anniversary celebration of the "Maebashi Cultural Association," which was postponed last year. The flyer is not ready yet, but we will let you know.

[Date] March 26, 2023 (Sun.)

12:30-13:00←Takahashi's piano concert

13:50-14:30← Dialogue with Sakumi Hagiwara

[Venue] Maebashi Civic Cultural Hall Main Hall (Shoken Gakuen Maebashi Hall)

Piano Concert "Mini Oto no Aya

In the latter half of this year's program, there will be a talk (!) with Mr. Sakumi Hagiwara, grandson of the poet Sakutaro Hagiwara. I, on the other hand, will be talking about the poet Motokichi Takahashi, who is my great-grand father. So this will be a grandson/great-grandson talk.

So, for this concert, I will perform two poems by Sakutaro and two poems by Motokichi, introducing these four works alternately.

As those who have heard the "Oto no Aya" concert may be able to imagine, the purpose of this concert is to read the poems, compose a piano piece that reflects the world of the poems, and perform it.

It is well known that Sakutaro Hagiwara and Motokichi Takahashi had a close relationship. Their poetic worlds, while seemingly contrasting at first glance, have a small path that leads to each other's worlds, don't they? We plan to pick up works that can recreate that kind of feeling in 30 minutes! (To be honest, 30 minutes is not even enough time for the whole event.)

[Dialogue: Sakumi Hagiwara and Zaiya Takahashi

In the latter half of the talk, we plan to have a conversation with Sakumi based on Sakutaro and Motokichi's letters back and forth.

Perhaps there will even be an impromptu performance of Sakumi's reading and piano!

So, it will be a day of piano and conversation about Maebashi's poet culture.

Please make plans to join us!

Past Concerts

From the world of picture books, poetry and piano:

Thinking about death through life.


Date: Saturday, March 23, 2019 13:00 Opening 13: 30 ~ 15: 30

Venue: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Tokyo Women's Medical University, Yayoi Memorial Auditorium.

Admission fee: Free (This is a public lecture of Tokyo Women's Medical University, School of Nursing)


Zaiya Takahashi Ed.M. : Piano and lecture

Toshitaka Adachi Ph.D. of medical humanity: Lecture and workshop

Mari Ikeda RN, Ph.D. of attachment theory: Organize


The first part is a mini lecture & mini workshop by Dr. Adachi on the theme of Yoshitake Sinsuke's picture book, "Why do not you think about your life by considering your own death?", About 45 minutes.


The second part is a piano concert, based on the world view of poetry works with the theme of "thinking about death through life". It is also about 45 minutes.


I believe that this issue is an important theme for coming society from various aspects.

It is made up of a combination of mini lecture, workshop and piano, and for me it's a kind of  "dream" event.


And it is the first concert opportunity in Tokyo to me.

Everbook Street〜Unknown Road(Michi no michi)〜

Date:Sunday and Monday, 27 and 28 January 2019 10: 00-16: 00

Venue:Oitaki-cho, Chiba Prefecture: Otaki Herb Garden 

  • Reading with music "Little bird Pichiko"

Readings: Kaya Doi, Piano: Zaiya Takahashi

Picture book artist Kaya Doi reads her own work "Little bird Pichiko" with impro-style piano music.

  • Piano Concert "Unknown Road (Michi no Michi)"

Piano: Zaiya Takahashi

Making the world of the book and poetry works into piano music,

I will play original piano pieces.


For the access of the venue, please check the following.


For the "Everbook Street" facebook · event page, please see the following.


A Concert for Spring


March 17, 2018 (Sat)

Zaiya Takahashi(Piano) 

Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City Toyoshina Museum of Modern Art



1. forest 2.  far from the sky 3. Stone of Memory(Denkstein)

4. Winter Night  5. fig leaves  6. Morning of the farewell

7. Renaissance 8. Romain Rolland Diary 1931

9. Beautiful RIver

Encore. Light of Heart


Lamp of Thinking 

Memorial concert 30 years after passing of Hiroatsu Takata(1900-87, sculptor)


17 JUNE 2017  

Junko Tsumanuma (Voices, Narratives), Kanae Imura (Cello),

Kenji Watanabe (Violin), Mai Ishihara (Paintings) 

& Zaiya Takahashi (Piano) 

Matsuyama Civic Activity Center Hall


set list:

 "Fantasy by Reading, Strings and Piano: from works of poets and artists who related with Takata and Takata himself"

   Mahoroba(Zaiya Takahashi)

   Far from the sky(inspired by Motokichi Takahashi's poetry work)

   Visionary Sea (ibid.)

   Man when he left this world... (inspired by Kitaro Nishida)

   To Kohtaro Takamura (inspired by Hiroatsu Takata)

   Diary of Romain Rolland (Zaiya Takahashi)

   Light of heart (Zaiya Takahashi)


Mai Ishihara©︎(2017)  http://maimai-ishi.com
Mai Ishihara©︎(2017) http://maimai-ishi.com

Mai Ishihara: Mahoroba (2017):

The concept of concert "Lamp of Thinking"

A spiritual lamp in which a sculptor

lights the spirits of people he admired.


Ms. Mai Ishihara, Japanese traditional painting artist, kindly creates a work and she kindly made new and wonderful painting work for this concept.


She says, "Mahoroba" is an ancient Japanese word which means "very good place".



Light of Heart (KOKORONOHI)


5 MARCH 2016

Zaiya Takahashi (piano) 

Maebashi City Museum of Literature Hall


set list:

R.M.Rilke, Denkstein(Stone of Memory) in The Sonnets to Orpheus.

Kitaro Nishida, Man when he left this world... in Contemplation and Experience.

Ryoichi Wago, Pebble of Poetry.

Kenji Miyazawa, Morning of Farewell in Spring and Shura.

Motokichi Takahashi, Glacier of Destiny, in Bosom of Grass.

Zaiya Takahashi, Twenty-four Journeys.


Flowers of Tone (OTO NO AYA) Special 2



Zaiya Takahashi (piano)

Maebashi City Museum of Literature Hall


set list:

Chuya Nakahara, Sorrow That Was Stained, Home Coming in Song of Goat

__Fig Leaves, The Stream Gleams Bluely, Morning, Unpublished poems

Motokichi Takahashi, Autumn, Visionary Sea in Distant Sight

__Beautiful River in Lost in Sight

__Faraway Sky in Bosom of Grass

Sinkichi Ito, Journey in Joshu

Mai Ishihara©︎ "Passing the Time".  http://maimai-ishi.com
Mai Ishihara©︎ "Passing the Time". http://maimai-ishi.com

Words and Strings (KOTOBA TO GEN)


11 JULY 2015 

Junko Tsumanuma (Voices, Narratives), Kanae Ban (Cello)

Mai Ishihara (Art Work) and Zaiya Takahashi (Piano)

Maebashi City Museum of Literature Hall


set list:

Kenji Miyazawa, Night on the Milky Way Train

Hiroatsu Takata, Rouault

Motokichi Takahashi, Filled with Rainbow in Bosom of Grass, etc.

Zaiya Takahashi, Temple of Time

Sinkichi Ito, journey in Joshu


"Words and Strings" website