Piano Solo Works

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From "Light of Heart" concert (Live Rec. 2016)


Denkstein (Stone of Memory)〜R. Rilke〜

CD "OTONOATA: Winter Chapter" (2014)

OTONOAYA: Winter Chapter (2014)



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2、Far in the Sky

3、Winter Night

4、Wind Ceases



7、Beautiful River


Piano & Composition: Zaiya Takahashi


Recorded at Maebashi City Museum of Literature Hall, Maebashi, JAPAN

on 14 FEB 2014

Live recording on the concert "OTONOAYA(Flowers of Tone) Winter Chapter"

track 1: forest 

track 7: Beautiful River

Cd "Small Daily Museum" (2014)

small daily museum (2014)



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Piano & Composition: Zaiya Takahashi

Conceptual Pictures: Mami Noguchi


Recorded at Marcato Cafe, Chiba, JAPAN

on 6&23 JAN 2014

track 2: sea(blink) 

CD "Small Daily Music" (2012)

small daily music (2012)



We are sorry, this CD is out of stock.



1. forest

2. sweet lovers

3. free bach

4. interlude

5. bells

6. pray (for the power of nonviolence)

7. light of heart

8.    old memory

9.    melancholic

10.  ballade

11.  searching no.2

12.  Waltz of the night when the will is determined

13.  searching no.4

14.  wonder of small universe

15.  a new song 


Piano & Composition: Zaiya Takahashi

Cover Jacket: Mami Noguchi

Published in 2012.

track 3: free bach

track 4: interlude